Freitag, 26. April 2013

The Strategy Bridge

Colin S. Gray (2010), S. 238f:

Strategy is a familiar word, and is widely believed to be important, but it is barely comprehended. Indeed, even today it is little understood that the concept commonly is wrongly identified and the word, especially the adjective, is misapplied.
Strategy functions as the only purpose built bridge connecting political ends with the methods and means for their attempted achievement (...).
Those holding the strategy bridge are charged, in effect, with the planning and higher orchestration of the policy instruments that in threat and action should impress themselves upon the bodies and minds of those who ought to be concerned by such behaviour. The strategist needs to be able to influence enemies, allies, and neutrals, which means minds and actions, foreign and domestic. To bend an enemy's will to resist, and if required to reduce his military means in their capacity to do harm, the strategist needs to seek control over the course of events.

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